NeoProMedical Ankle Support Review


About a month ago I sprained my ankle  and it’s been a rather slow heal. While most of the time it’s okay, when I’m on my feet a lot the injury seems to flair up. So, I figured NeoProMedical Ankle Support would be a great product to wear on those busy days and when I’m exercising.

The support is made out of a neoprene material that is stretchable and should fit most sizes (up to an 11″ feet arch circumference). I’ve worn it several times all day and it’s been mostly very comfortable (more on that in a second). It’s much easier to use and offers better support than the ace bandages I’ve been wearing.

My only real complaint would be I wish the strap going around the ankle was just a tad bit longer. My ankles must be a bit on the bigger side because that strap is pretty tight and at times uncomfortable. I usually have to fiddle with it a couple of times to find a position that not digging into my skin. I’m hoping that the strap with stretch with use though and that soon it won’t be an issue.

Final verdict: Great support if you have a sprained ankle or need extra ankle support. At only $10 you’re getting a higher quality than most bandage wraps you can buy in store.


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