Smarssen Portable Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Review


I’ve been working on getting my life back to healthy. Part of what I wanted to do was keep track of my heart rate while I was working out, so I jumped at the chance to try out the Smarssen Heart Rate Monitor.


I’ve been able to use it a couple times since it arrived and here are my general thoughts.

  1. It’s very comfortable to wear. I’m a larger sized girl and was about to get it around my chest with no issue. The band is soft and I barely notice it once on.
  2. Make sure you wet the receptors well. If they’re not properly moistened it won’t connect correctly.
  3. It doesn’t have it’s own app (at least that I could find on Android). This is my only real complaint; I would have preferred it came with an app. It does connect to most sport apps without a problem, however, most of those apps require a subscription to track heart rate. I did find one that did it for free, but it tracked only a few activities. I did end up paying for an app, which it does connect to easily.

Verdict: If you already have a sports app you love and just want to add a heart rate monitor this one will do nicely.



i2Gear Armband + Extender Review


Today’s review is on i2Gear Armband + Extender Review. Here’s the 411 on some of the features

  • Comes with an armband extender that’ll fit an arm size of 20 inches
  • Elastic band to keep phone in place
  • Earphone holder/strap
  • Small pocket inside to hold key or other small object

I love, love LOVE that it comes with an arm extender. My arm size is in this weird place where the normal band almost fits but not quite. The extender made it so I could actually still use the armband on my arm and not somewhere weird like my forearm. I will say that depending on your arm size, there is a small spot that doesn’t have velcro were the bands connect that if you need it to sit in that spot it could be a problem. I thought I was going to be in that area, but I was able to get just past it and be fine. It does take me a bit to get it in a comfortable spot, but that’s the joys of any armband.

I have a S7 and not the edge so it’s a bit big for my phone (even with the case on), but the elastic strap holds it in place so it doesn’t really matter. It nestles nicely at the bottom and I’ve noticed no slipping/moving once it’s in place. There’s a bit of gap, but I don’t mind that at all.

There’s also a spot where you could slide a key & plenty of room for an id as well. The compartment zips up, which helps make everything feel more secure. I also love the earphone holder, I’ve found running my cord through that area helps it from catching on my arm when I’m running.

The plastic screen is thin enough that I can still use the touch screen with no issues. I have both a fingerprint and swipe pattern in place, so when it’s in the case I just use the swipe pattern to unlock the phone. Helpful since I listen to music and use a Couch to 5k app when I run.

Final Verdict: Best armband I’ve owned to date & at $13 isn’t much more expensive than other armbands.

Wrist Wraps Review


In my life I have broken both of my wrists at some point, meaning I’ve been left with weak wrists and arthritis. I especially feel it when I’m working with weights or anything that relies on wrist support. Yoga, honestly, can be the worst as the poses can really leave me sore. My trainer has been recommended Wrist Wraps for a while, so when I got the opportunity to review some I jumped on it.


First, these wraps are a nice quality. They’re made of double bonded cotton and are nice and long (3″ X 36″). The actually wrapping can be a bit of a pain. I’ve struggled a couple times in trying to wrap them, but I’m hoping it’ll come easier it time. It does help to watch their how-to video as well

Once wrapped, my wrists do feel stabilized. I haven’t had the chance to test them out in a yoga class yet, but I did try a few poses at home (like downward facing dog) and it did seem to make the pose more easier. I’m truly hoping this will ease some of the pain I get from both in the gym and in yoga class.


Final Verdict: Great quality of wraps that I can’t wait to add into my normal routine.


After a two month absence, I finally made it bad to Yoga on Sunday. Man, did it feel good. The theme/mantra this week was “Only Love.” Considering how out of practice I am, it wasn’t too bad. My knee acted up in a couple of spots, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Some of the poses we did were

  • downward facing dog (still struggling with this, but mainly because my hands were sweaty)
  • backward plank (this one killed my wrists)
  • dancer pose w/strap
  • forward bends/full folds
  • half folds
  • Lots of twisting/stretches. Not sure what they were called, but we were on are backs, knees up in air, and stretched side to side

I’m glad to be back and hopefully won’t ever had a large gap like that again!