Smarssen Portable Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Review


I’ve been working on getting my life back to healthy. Part of what I wanted to do was keep track of my heart rate while I was working out, so I jumped at the chance to try out the Smarssen Heart Rate Monitor.


I’ve been able to use it a couple times since it arrived and here are my general thoughts.

  1. It’s very comfortable to wear. I’m a larger sized girl and was about to get it around my chest with no issue. The band is soft and I barely notice it once on.
  2. Make sure you wet the receptors well. If they’re not properly moistened it won’t connect correctly.
  3. It doesn’t have it’s own app (at least that I could find on Android). This is my only real complaint; I would have preferred it came with an app. It does connect to most sport apps without a problem, however, most of those apps require a subscription to track heart rate. I did find one that did it for free, but it tracked only a few activities. I did end up paying for an app, which it does connect to easily.

Verdict: If you already have a sports app you love and just want to add a heart rate monitor this one will do nicely.



Vomelon V6 Bluetooth Headphone Review


I’ve been dying for some bluetooth headphones for a while. I absolutely hate when I’m in the gym and I get my arm caught in the cord, especially if it means that I unplug the headphones. So, I was super excited to try out Vomelon V6 Bluetooth Headphones.

Let’s start with the positive. I loved the sound quality of the headphones. It was crisp and crystal clear. Also, they’re get a good range. I left my cell in the living room and when to my bedroom, which is on the other side of my apartment, and barely had any break up. So, the 30 feet connection seems very accurate. I can definitely see me using them when I’m cleaning the house since my laptop speakers aren’t super loud.


What else do I like? Well, I love that the buttons for volume and prev/next are easily reached. I also love how easy it is to pair with devices. I hooked it up to both my laptop and phone in 5 seconds or less.

Now for the bad. And none of these are super bad, but just things I didn’t really like. For me, the headphones are slightly uncomfortable. This could just been my ear shape but neither ear pad size really worked for me.I wore them for a little over an hour and by that point I had to take them off. This isn’t really a huge deal because really all I’ll do is take off the ear pads from old headphone that I know are comfortable for me.


My other complaint is that the buttons can be rather sensitive. When I was using it with my laptop, I noticed that when I turned my head to the right, which is where the volume/skip buttons are, my song would try to skip. I did notice this as much when I used my phone, but it happened on multiple songs/every time I did it when hooked to the laptop.

You can receive calls as well as there’s a built on microphone. I tested it with family member and while she could hear me said I sounded like I was in a tunnel. I imagine this is how I sound on speaker phone as well. So, microphone is okay quality, but not stellar. Thankfully, I want these more for listening to music than talking, so it’s not a huge issue for me.


Final Verdict: Decent bluetooth headphones, especially for the price ($20). A few small complaints, but nothing too troubling.

You Are Amazing Body Wash & Mist Review


Okay, so I’ve been You Are Amazing body wash and body mist for a couple of weeks now and I have NOTHING but good things to say. Before I get into the details, I did want to say that all products are paraben and phthalate-free.

Let’s start with the body wash. I was given three different samples: Mango Papaya, Coconut Water, and Lemon Meringue. Right away, I could smell the Mango Papaya and smelt so good. And while all three scents are nice, my favorite is the Lemon Meringue. Seriously, every time I use I feel like I’m in a bake shop.


Now, the body wash is a bit thin, so I’ve had to use a bit more than normal. However, the bottles are 16 fl oz and HUGE. I’ve been using it every day for over a month and I’ve barely made a dent in the bottle. I would easy go out and buy more of this once I’ve used up the bottle.


The other product I was given to try out was the body mist. The three scent I was given were:  Blooming Bouquet, Eucalyptus Mint, & Vanilla Bean.  All three scents have a very nice smell, but I’m partial to the Blooming Bouquet.  I spray a little on each morning and it lasts for several hours. Each bottle is 6 fl oz, which again I’ve barely put a dent in.  (Side Note: I love the Lemon Meringue smell so much I will be going out and buying a bottle of the mist as well!)

Additional information:

Available scents: Blooming Bouquet, Eucalyptus Mint,  Juicy Grapefruit, Lavender Fields, Mango Papaya, Coconut Water, Lemon Meringue & Vanilla Bean.
Price: $3.99, available only @ Target

Other Products: Body Lotion & Body Scrub

Now, for my favorite part. I love, love, love companies that give back. You Are Amazing has partnered up with Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign, to provide leadership development training to empower girls to change the world. I love that every purchase helps move this plan a little further. It’s an excellent cause and one that makes me love You Are Amazing products even more.

Final Verdict: Quality product at a good price. Bonus points for giving back!

i2Gear Armband + Extender Review


Today’s review is on i2Gear Armband + Extender Review. Here’s the 411 on some of the features

  • Comes with an armband extender that’ll fit an arm size of 20 inches
  • Elastic band to keep phone in place
  • Earphone holder/strap
  • Small pocket inside to hold key or other small object

I love, love LOVE that it comes with an arm extender. My arm size is in this weird place where the normal band almost fits but not quite. The extender made it so I could actually still use the armband on my arm and not somewhere weird like my forearm. I will say that depending on your arm size, there is a small spot that doesn’t have velcro were the bands connect that if you need it to sit in that spot it could be a problem. I thought I was going to be in that area, but I was able to get just past it and be fine. It does take me a bit to get it in a comfortable spot, but that’s the joys of any armband.

I have a S7 and not the edge so it’s a bit big for my phone (even with the case on), but the elastic strap holds it in place so it doesn’t really matter. It nestles nicely at the bottom and I’ve noticed no slipping/moving once it’s in place. There’s a bit of gap, but I don’t mind that at all.

There’s also a spot where you could slide a key & plenty of room for an id as well. The compartment zips up, which helps make everything feel more secure. I also love the earphone holder, I’ve found running my cord through that area helps it from catching on my arm when I’m running.

The plastic screen is thin enough that I can still use the touch screen with no issues. I have both a fingerprint and swipe pattern in place, so when it’s in the case I just use the swipe pattern to unlock the phone. Helpful since I listen to music and use a Couch to 5k app when I run.

Final Verdict: Best armband I’ve owned to date & at $13 isn’t much more expensive than other armbands.

Majestic Pure Argan Hair Oil Mask Review

Let’s start with the basics of Majestic Pure’s  Argan Hair Oil Mask. It’s a 8.5 oz container of hair mask, which is supposed to hydrate and help repair damaged hair. The directions say to towel dry hair and apply proper amount wait 5 minutes. The mask contains several ingredients, too many to list here, but you can check out the list via the picture.

So, does it work? I’m a bit on the fence about it. I’ve only used it twice, but the second time I really felt like it weighed down my hair. In fact, I had to throw my hair into a bun because it just didn’t look good down. However, my ends look way better and less frizzy.  Also, I’m not sure if the weighed down is my error. I’m not really sure what the “proper” amount is and it’s highly possible I’ve been using too much. I do like to put quite a bit on. It also doesn’t say how often one should use it. Once a week? More? Less? I’ve been doing it once a week, but maybe that’s the wrong way to go.

Also, with my hair being on the long (mid back) and thick side, each application does take a lot of product. I would say I’ll get 4, maybe 5 applications from the container. Of course, if I applied it a bit lighter, it would go further. Mileage will vary from person to person on that front.
I’m going to continue to use the rest of that mask until it’s gone. My hair looks tons healthier so I’m hoping the weighed down problem will work itself out as I figure out how much I should actually be using for my hair. I still think I like a coconut hair mask a bit more, but maybe with continued use my opinion will change.

Final Verdict: This may not be the right mask for me, but at $13 it’s worth a try!

Note: I did receive this product at a discount for an honest review

TriNova Pet Stain & Odor Remover Review


Anyone who has pets knows you need a good cleaner on hand. Living with both a dog and a cat, I find this especially true as I’m cleaning up cat vomit or dog urine all the time. I’ll admit, I already have a cleaner I really, really like. The problem? It’s slightly expensive side. At $17 for a 32 oz bottle, TriNova Pet Stain & Odor Remover isn’t much cheaper, but would save me a good $10 or so each time.

The big question, though, does it work? I’m going to say sort of. I tried it on a puke stain that was was several hours old aka not fresh. It worked okay, but one application wasn’t enough. It left what I like to call “ghosting”. The stain isn’t truly there, but you can still kind of see where it was. It would have taken at least another application to get it fully up (if not more). I did leave it on longer than the 5 minutes the first round, so the cleaner should have gotten nice and soaked in.

I have also tried it with fresh urine spots. While it cleaned it up well, it did still leave a faint smell. However, this one could be more of a user error as I know I didn’t leave it on the full 3-5 minutes as directed. Many other reviewers rave about how it works on urine spots, so this could be a mileage may vary situation.

The spray does have a smell, but I find it refreshing. It’s not too strong though, so even if one didn’t like the smell it wouldn’t be bad.

Final Verdict: An okay cleaner. It’ll take multiple applications for older stains, but should take new/fresh stains up without too many problems.

Review: Liquid Savvy’s 32oz Insulated Bottle

Watching my water intake has something I’ve been trying to focus on more and more. I tend to drink a lot of water, but often lose count of refills and hope I had enough. My favorite things about my Liquid Savvy Bottle is that it’s 32 oz. That means that refilling it only once will get me my daily value of water. Easy peasy as far as tracking how much I drink.

2016-04-10 16.54.59The bottle is insulated and can hold both hot and cold liquids. The claim is that it will keep your cold liquids cold for 24 hours and your hot liquids hot for 12 hours. I’ll admit I didn’t test this out to the fullest. Mainly, because it’s become my favorite water bottle at the moment and I didn’t want to not use it for 24 hours hours! However, I will say that my water stays a nice temp through my work day, which is usually around 8 hours. There was a nice chill the entire time.

The bottle does come with 3 different lids: flip top, carabiner, & tethered lid. I’ve been using the flip top lid the most, especially since I work around books and technology. The carabiner would be great for hiking as I can hook it onto whatever bag I’m carrying and go. I do wish there had been maybe a straw option, but the flip top works well enough. However, I do wish there had been a loop or something on the flip top lid to make carrying it a bit easier. The bottle is on the bigger side and can be quite cumbersome to carry sometimes without a handle.

Final Verdict: Great overall bottle. It’s a bit steep in price at $25, but if you’re looking for a bigger water bottle that keeps your drinks cool/hot this is a good one to look at.

Note: I did receive this product at a discount for an honest review