Ethereal Wellness Essential Oils Review


This Ethereal Wellness Essential Oil Set  comes with 6 popular scents: tea tree, lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, and orange. The oils are supposed to be 100% pure and they have been certified by the Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetics and they conform to the purity standards set by the International Fragrance Association.  Each bottle should contain approx. 154 drops and have a 2 year shelf life.


The box they are shipped in is tightly packed to prevent spills and what not. However, I found it to be maybe a little too tight. I had significant trouble getting even just the lid off. And I had to break the box a bit to get the oils out.

I’ll also admit that the oils are a bit on the strong side for me. These are ones that without a doubt need to be diluted before using. I personally will have to decide if I want to keep them or give them away to a friend. Even just opening a few of the bottles and taking a small smell caused a headache for me. However, I am very sensitive to smells, so I doubt this is a typical reaction. It it hard for me to judge if I like the scents though because of this. I may try to make a few scrubs and try out the scents a bit more that way.

I also really like the e-book that you get with this set. It breaks down all the different oils, gives you a bit of background on each, and even gives you tips on how to use them. Many of the oils have multiple and can help with anything from allergy relief to household cleaning.

Final Verdict: Not my favorite of the oils that I own or try, but if you’re looking into essential oils this is a decent set to look at.


Aleratec 4 Tablet Charging Rack Review


I mainly was interested in Aleratec 4 Tablet Charging Rack for work. I have 4 iPads that we use for various programs and what not. I usually have them stacked on each other, but loved having them actually be in a rack. And I figured we can use it as a general holder as well.

Okay, okay, enough about why I got them and let’s get onto what I think. Generally, it’s works very well. I was able to get 4 iPads with cases into it with no problem. There was no tipping or moving or any other worry that the iPads may fall out. This is especially good since the rack is made of lightweight plastic. It feels flimsy, but so far it hasn’t shown any signs that it is. I do wish it was made of maybe a heavier metal though. I would like that heft feel even if it isn’t needed.

There is an order that you have to place the tablets in. When loading them in you need to go left to right and then reverse the order when taking them out. I did pull one out at random without issues, but since it’s what the manufacturer recommends, I’d stick with it. Also, the screens should be facing the left.

Final Verdict: Overall, it’s a solid charging rack that does exactly as it says. For $10, it worth a shot even if the material isn’t metal. 


Wrist Wraps Review


In my life I have broken both of my wrists at some point, meaning I’ve been left with weak wrists and arthritis. I especially feel it when I’m working with weights or anything that relies on wrist support. Yoga, honestly, can be the worst as the poses can really leave me sore. My trainer has been recommended Wrist Wraps for a while, so when I got the opportunity to review some I jumped on it.


First, these wraps are a nice quality. They’re made of double bonded cotton and are nice and long (3″ X 36″). The actually wrapping can be a bit of a pain. I’ve struggled a couple times in trying to wrap them, but I’m hoping it’ll come easier it time. It does help to watch their how-to video as well

Once wrapped, my wrists do feel stabilized. I haven’t had the chance to test them out in a yoga class yet, but I did try a few poses at home (like downward facing dog) and it did seem to make the pose more easier. I’m truly hoping this will ease some of the pain I get from both in the gym and in yoga class.


Final Verdict: Great quality of wraps that I can’t wait to add into my normal routine.

Gurin Massage Roller

Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed that I get a lot of aches and pains after working out, especially in my lower back. That’s where the Gurin Massage Roller has come in to help.

Measuring at about 19 inches the roller is great for massaging out kinks or easing sore muscles. I love that it doesn’t dig into your muscles as deep as some of the others do, at least not unless you want it to. Deep pressure to me is painful, so this was a welcomed relief for me. Also, I was worried that it may pinch the skin, since the little rollers move, but that was unfounded.


I will admit that it’s hard to use on your own in some spots, like mid back, but it’s great for lower back, shoulders, and extremities. I’ve also heard it works great on headaches, but I haven’t personally tried it out yet.

I also appreciate that the packaging had basic instructions and pictures on how to use it. I know it should seem pretty self-explanatory, but having notes that 20 strokes is good number is helpful. Also, the pictures help when you’re having trouble getting a good spot.

20151027_190805 20151027_190814

Verdict: Great for easing out muscle pain that stretching just doesn’t help.

Note: I did receive this product at a discount for my honest opinion.

Smart Weigh Digital Bathroom Scale Review


So, I’m not a girl who needs a scale that is full of bells and whistles. Sure, I often look at the ones that can sync to my fitness apps and do all these other things, but ultimately decide it’s not worth the money.

Admittedly, the Smart Weigh Scale is your average run of the mill scale. However, what drew me to it, and is one of my favorite parts, is how nice it looks. Seriously, look how pretty it is!

2015-08-03 22.58.51

I love that sleek glass look. It is a bit wider than my old scale, but it’s a whole lot thinner! And it just looks much cleaner. Of course, with it being glass you can see straight to the floor/dirt is easily noticed. This is not a big issue at all, but I do notice I’m always making sure the dust bunnies are swept away now.

The other thing I really love is the instant step on results. With the old scale, I had to tap it, wait for it to zero, and then step on. Not so with the Smart Weigh Scale. Simply step on and it instantly starts to work. It will take a couple of seconds to settle on the correct weight, once the numbers start flashing you know it’s done.

I did test the weight between this and my old scale and it seemed pretty accurate/close. I haven’t noticed any extreme result jumps either. Although, admittedly I am not weighing myself frequently enough to notice if it was acting screwy. I usually only weigh myself every couple of mornings.

The one thing I will mention is that you need to make sure it’s on a good level spot of your floor. I’ve noticed if all four corners aren’t firmly on my tiles that the readings is bad/won’t even happen. If you’re noticing hug fluctuations, try moving it around and seeing if that helps!

All in all, I think for $17 on amazon this is a very solid buy.

Selfie Stick Review


I can hear the comments now, “A selfie stick…what?” And I know it seems silly, but there are moments that this selfie stick is awesome, but before I get into that let me tell you about the product.

Folded down the stick is quick compact. I could throw it into one of my bags without any problem. It’s lightweight, but very solid. Even when it’s fully extended, the SplashETech arm is very study; no wobbling and I never felt like my phone would fall out. Use is also very easy. You pop the phone into the holder and extend the arm to whatever length you would like; full length is 4ft. It also comes with bluetooth, so taking the picture is just a press of button on the rubber grip handle.


Do I feel a little silly using it? Of course, but it’s a great tool to have as a blogger. I can extend my angles and views with ease now. This is pretty important when you’re trying to show off products and what not. I mean, sure, I could get out the fancy camera and tripod and do it that way, but this is sooo much faster and less hassle. Plus, it’s kind of nice to have photos that at first glance don’t look like a selfie. Below you can see a normal selfie vs one using the stick fully extended.


Another thing I love is that I can get a full body shot without a struggle. This means when I want to show off outfits or weight-loss I don’t have to do the hideous in the mirror photos anymore. No more worrying if the camera is in the way or if the flash will white out my reflection!


I don’t have any examples of this, but it would be great for group pics as well. I’ve lost track of the amount of times we’ve tried to cram people into a selfie–only to cut off heads or to lose someone entirely. The selfie stick helps with that for sure. It may still be a little difficult, but it should make it a bit easier.  I’m even debating taking it to Greece with me as it would be nice to have pictures of me and my friend in Greece without handing our cameras off to a stranger.

All in all, I’m so glad I got a chance to review this product. It’ll will be something that I use in the future.

Eyelash Curler by Mia Adora


So, this is were I tell you I am by NO MEANS an expert at lash curlers. I’ve had a couple others in the past and I still never know if I’m using them right. Seriously, I YouTube this crap just to make sure I’m doing it right. This is one of my favs

Okay, enough about the how-to and on to the real question. What do I think about the Eyelash Curler by Mia Adora? I can’t say it’s the cream of the crop, but $12 who would? However, it does hold up easily to other curlers I own. In fact, I have noticed myself reaching for this one a bit more.

One of their selling points is how it is uniquely spring loaded for added precision. For me, the spring made it feel a little more flimsy than my other curlers. It just doesn’t have the heft/feel as sturdy, but that doesn’t hinder it from working at all.


I do like the design a lot. I feel like it’s a tad bit smaller than my others, but that’s something I totally love. It fits so much nicer in my hands and against my eyes. In fact, I haven’t felt like I’m going to pinch myself at all. Mia Adora’s eyelash curler wins hands down in the comfort zone.

The one last thing I’ll mention, and this will seem silly, but I love that it’s a nice silver color. One I got in a sub box was black & while I like it, it’s SO hard to tell if all my lashes are through/properly placed. So, as simple as it seems color does matter!

Here is a picture of my lashes-no mascara, mascara, & then mascara + curler. It’s hard to see, thanks to crappy lighting, but the curler does turn them up a bit and gives them a nicer look.


*Note: I did receive this product at a discount for an honest review.